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Access Control

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What Is the Best Access Control System for You?

Are you considering setting up an access control system on your property? These modern installations have become a security solution for companies of various sizes. 

If you want to learn more about these systems or need to find a reliable access control installer, you’ve come to the right place. Here is what you need to know about these solutions!

What Is an Access Control System?

Access control is a security method that restricts access to particular areas, such as rooms, floors, or facilities. The idea is to place access points that you can pass only if you have a suitable identification card.

These systems are mostly electronic these days, which simplifies the verification process. Additionally, these systems can track who entered a particular checkpoint and at what time. That gives the administrators all the required information about who used specific facilities. 

At Bling Bellevue Locksmithing, we offer reliable access control solutions for companies and residential facilities. You can count on us to customize the system to your specific requirements and budget. Don’t hesitate to send us an e-mail or call our experts to improve your property’s security right away!

Why Should You Install an Access Control System?

Are you wondering whether Bellevue access control is the right choice to secure your property? 

Here is what you can expect with these solutions.

Restrict Access to Particular Areas

Do you have a room filled with confidential documents? Would you like to limit employee access to a specific floor or area? That is where access control companies come into play as they offer a solution that allows you to decide who will access which property areas.

For example, there is no need for an employee of a particular department to access other departments and managerial offices. What if they can access the HR file room with other employee’s confidential documents? 

All you need to do is to get an access control installer and set up a key card solution to get into specific areas. That way, no one can enter without a key card, and you only issue cards to trusted personnel. 

Harder to Duplicate Than a Regular Key

If an employee gets an actual key to the office, they can copy it easily. That way, even if they get fired, they can keep the key without the business owners knowing. The only alternative property owners have to avoid compromising the security is to change locks, which is an expense and hassle to do frequently.

Duplicating a key card is difficult. If an employee loses and refuses to return a card, changing the code only takes seconds, and you can also cancel access for a particular card.

It Opens More Than Doors

Yes, you can use RFID cards and other access control solutions to open doors and access a particular area. However, these solutions can also open parking or company gates, fences, turnstiles, and other barriers.

The great thing about Bellevue access control systems is that you can use the same key card to access multiple locations. For example, an employee can access their floor and storage room, but their card won’t work for managerial offices. It is completely to you to decide which key cards will open which areas.

Keep Valuable Assets Safe

It is the perfect way to keep valuable assets and items safe from those who might steal them. Even if a problem occurs and you identify something was stolen, you can use the system to see whose key card was used to enter the area. The central computer logs everyone who accessed any location at any time. That can help to discover who performed the theft and restore stolen goods as soon as possible.

What Is Access Control Type Suitable for Your Property?

Have you decided to install an access control system on your property? You can rest assured you picked one of the safest security solutions for business and residential properties.

The only remaining thing is to find a suitable electronic door option for your facilities. Here are the most common options available in the market.

RFID Cards

Have you ever visited a hotel where you received a magnetic card instead of a classic key for your room? If the answer is yes, you’ve used a magnetic RFID card.

RFID is an abbreviation for radio frequency identification. You will often see them in the hospitality business and in other industries as they are easy to use and affordable to install. 

An RFID card contains all the required information to pass a particular checkpoint (open a door). You will receive a card with magnetic elements or a chip that contains the required information. Either way, you need to get close to the doors you want to open.

As soon as you are in the proximity of the access control point, the RFID signals are read, and the door opens. The moment you close the door, they lock automatically, which means only using a suitable card can open them again.

You can program a single RFID card to access multiple areas. It is all in the administrator’s hands, which means you will set up the cards. If necessary, your Bellevue access control installer can help with all maintenance and adjusting requirements you might need along the road.

Keypad Readers

Another access control solution you will often see on business properties includes keypads. These involve typing in the code to access the particular area. The pad can include only numbers or both letters and numbers. If the code entered matches the one required by the system, the door opens automatically. Once they are closed, it’s necessary to enter the code to open them again.

The problem with this system is that the employees might forget the code to type. Additionally, they might not be careful and share the code with someone who could abuse it. It is also not the most convenient way for the person who accesses the area. That’s because it takes much longer to enter the code than to read a magnetic card. It’s why magnetic locks are a more popular alternative.

Biometric Access Control

Biometric access control systems are advanced solutions that are considerably more expensive than alternatives. These use unique personal details to allow access to a particular area. For example, a user might use a palm or fingerprint or even scan their iris to pass the checkpoint.

These are usually considered for businesses dealing with top-secret information and large-scale companies in sensitive industries. The system is simple – the user places their finger (hand, eye) on the scanner, and it reads the prints. If they match the one in the database, the door opens. Apart from being expensive, biometric access control systems require at least a few seconds to pass the scanner, which isn’t convenient if employees leave and enter frequently.

What You Should Know About Electric Strikes

An electric strike is a vital access control component. These are an alternative for a fixed strike plate, and their task is to open the door after receiving an appropriate signal. 

Here is how that works – you use a key card on magnetic locks. The information kept on the magnets is sent via a wireless transmitter, and the system acknowledges that it should activate the lock. It is electric strikes that move and confirm that it’s safe to open the door and let the person inside.

Electric strikes are gatekeepers of electric door locks. Here are their main benefits:

  • Ensure optimal security and simple access – you can add electric strikes to different locking systems. These keep the area safe from trespassers, and the lock doesn’t require a mechanical key to open.
  • Safe and durable – these strikes usually come with security certificates, and they are extremely durable. 
  • Versatile solutions – electric strikes are suitable for different property types, and they can be the right security solution for companies in different industries.

Why Should You Choose Bellevue Access Control?

If you are looking for an access control installer in Bellevue, you can’t go wrong with calling Bling today.

Here is what you can expect when working for our company:

  • Working together to find the best possible solution – our experts will listen to your requirements and come up with a customized solution that fits your company. 
  • A wide range of available options – whether you need magnetic locks or RFID smart cards, our team will ensure to offer solutions to the most reliable brands available at the market.
  • Professional service – we take our job seriously and will get the job done right the first time. Our experts will complete the project in the shortest possible timeframe.
  • Experienced and skilled – it doesn’t matter how challenging the job is. If you need a full-proof access control system for your property, our experienced contractors will set it up for you!

We are proud of the long list of satisfied clients who contacted us for installing and maintaining their access control systems. Don’t hesitate to give us a call today and talk to our experts about your security requirements!


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