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Bellevue Locksmithing understands your need for commercial security. Specifically, the need to physically secure your business. Too often, when people think of and discuss commercial security, they are referring only to digital security, protecting your important proprietary files and client information. Naturally, that is all incredibly important, especially in this day and age when hardly a month goes by without a fresh story of some major corporation suffering a security breach and losing gigabytes of data. However, the focus on digital security can lead to people forgetting about or downplaying the importance of commercial security and making sure someone can’t just smash a door and raid your cash register.

Another element that gets a lot of attention these days is security cameras. Again, that is an important security measure and can be very helpful in tracking down the culprits after a break-in. But who wants to have security that only really matters after the break-in happens? As they say, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

That’s where Bellevue Locksmithing comes in. We can provide your business with the finest commercial security available. From high-end push bars on the way out to locks, deadbolts and more on the way in, we can make sure that a would-be burglar will think twice about trying to break into your business and instead consider a much easier target. Intelligent criminals, after all, will pass up a 99% chance of success in favor of a 100% chance every time.

First of all, every door needs to have as much of a deadbolt and latch as the door design will handle. Front doors for many businesses often are made of a lot of glass with a relatively narrow frame. Still, they can have quality a deadbolt or even a magnetic lock installed. Backdoors are often heavier and easier to secure, although they also need to be more secure given that they are in less visible locations. To that end, a heavy deadbolt with a nice metal secure latch to protect the doorjamb will go a very long way to securing your business. Bellevue Locksmithing can even upgrade you to an electronic keypad to prevent any chance of someone with a lock pick set getting in.

What about internal security? Bellevue has you covered there as well. Many businesses have a large number of people in and out every single day. Even non-retail businesses will have a variety of vendors, delivery people, and visitors from partner companies in and out from the beginning to close of business. Yes, you vet them to the best of your ability but it still makes sense to make sure that sensitive areas are protected from prying eyes and sticky hands.

For such things, Bellevue can help secure your offices with door locks and deadbolts that won’t mess up your aesthetic, keypad controlled locks that will only let designated people into sensitive areas. Whether it’s a document storage area, secure meeting room, or the research and development department we can help ensure that only the people you want there can get in.

We have you covered in smaller ways as well. Have problems with office supplies walking away? A cabinet or room with a keycard control can incentivize employees to go buy their own pens and sticky notes.

Naturally, upper management in your business is going to have various documents that need to be protected whenever they aren’t around. Yes, you can lock the office but even a locked office can often be accessed by cleaning personal in the quiet hours of the night. To keep your sensitive information secure, Bellevue has a variety of safes that can protect your information. Give us a call and we can do an onsite consultation to find the best option for your commercial security needs. Once an option is decided upon, we’ll be out to install it, allowing you to leave and go home after the workday with total peace of mind. And don’t worry, if you forget a combination, lose a key or anything else, Bellevue’s expert locksmiths will rush out to open your safe, rekey your locks, program a new code into your system or whatever else you need to get your business up and running, leaving you and your business safe and secure.

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